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Bee Swarm season in the Southern Highlands will be here soon.

It is early August in the Southern Highlands and I have already heard of bee swarms in the Sydney area. This means it wont be long before we see bee swarms in the Southern Highlands.

Bees will swarm once they feel they are growing too big for their current hive and resources in the environment will allow for further expansion. When the beehive swarms, the old queen will take half the population of the hive who will all fill with as much honey form the hive that they can carry and they will leave to establish a new hive. While the swarm is looking for a new place build a hive they will hang in a big bunch in a tree or shrub or on the side of a building or any other place they find. In the meantime, scouts from the swarm will go out and look for a new place to build a hive. It could be a hollow tree and a wall space in a building a garbage bin or even a telephone pit. Yes I have seen this personally.

Once the scout has a found a good place she will return to the swarm and do the waggle dance to tell everyone about what she has found. When they find somewhere they like the whole swarm will take off and go to that place to make their new home.

If we can get to the swarm before they find a new place and get them in to one of our hives we can “catch” them and give them a safe home and prevent them form becoming a problem in

Bee Swarm in Balmoral
Bee Swarm in Balmoral

some ones house or in a tree in the garden where they can be much harder to remove.

If you have a bee swarm in the Southern Highlands you can give John a call on 0410590044 and he can come and collect them and give them a new home where they can do their job of pollinating plants and we can eventually collect some of their excess honey from them.

We can collect swarms in the main towns of Mittagong,

Willow Vale swarm
A Little swarm in wisteria in Willow Vale

Bowral and Moss Vale and all the villages from Colo Vale, Hill Top and Yerrinbool in the north to Exeter, Bundanoon and Sutton Forest in the South out to Robertson in the east.