About EezyBeez

At EezyBeez we are passionate about bees

At EezyBeez John has been a beekeeper in the Southern Highlands for over 6 years and has beehives throughout the Southern Highlands. He collects bee swarms from any where in the Southern Highlands and relocates them to a safe place so they don’t become a nuisance in someone else’s property.

John is an active and respected member of the Southern Highlands Apiarists Association holding committee positions as well as President.

John has also been chosen by Flow Hive to be a Certified Flow Ambassador as a person who can be trusted to support people with the successful managment of their Flow Hives.

John can also support people with the new Flow Hive or any other hive type they may have. Whether you need advice or some mentoring you can call John and he will be able to give you more information on how he can help you with your new beekeeping hobby.

John also holds regular Beginner Beekeeper Workshops to help people make a positive start in beekeeping and he is also available to help them continue with success in their new beekeeping hobby.

If you wish to get started in beekeeping feel free to contact John and he can help you get off on a good start. Whether it is getting the equipment nessecary, getting the bees or learning the skills you need to successfully keep John is here to help.


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